brand names vs common sense

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For the majority of consumers Sony is still the embodiment of quality and style. I also share this sentiment. In 1990s I had Sony Trinitron models followed by 100 GHz TV sets from Philips, Sharp and Samsung. The common sense won and I see no point in paying premium prices for the brand name alone, if Samsung boasts a comparable picture quality together with an array of additional features for a lower price. It explains why consumers prefer Samsung and similar manufacturers. Here we come to the key point some people overlook. The world has changed a long time ago, but some did not notice it and keep on living inside their own bubble.

dunia berubah. merk bukan jaminan. pakai akal sehat dan logika. banyak info tersebar. jangan malas menelusuri dunia maya. paling jari-jari aja yang pegal. jangan jadi orang bodoh yang menerima apa saja yang dijejalkan produsen,  yangdiaku-aku sebagai yang ter-. bullshits. we live in a world full of marketing lies.


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